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At the start of 2009, HPD associates were asked to begin investigating the possibility of installing a Honda 3.7-liter, V-6 engine into a 2009 S2000CR chassis. The project was named S3700, a play upon the car’s original name and the 3.7L engine which the team hoped would add to the excitement of the retired, but Honda enthusiast-beloved sports car.


HPD’s goal in building the S3700 vehicle was to create a Honda-powered concept machine that would promote the HPD name and image, highlighting the direction in which HPD would like to move in the performance motorsports industry, on a platform easily adapted to any type of performance desire. In addition, the S3700 project would serve as an associate-development tool, which would help HPD associates learn how to adapt production-based products for race use.


In December 2009, the first engine start-up occurred, to the delight of HPD associates and management alike. However, the project was not without its challenges. Early track testing showed quick deterioration of the clutch engagement. Countermeasures were put in place to address this and other concerns of drivability, and in May and June of 2010, more track testing was completed. With its quick engagement and disengagement, the car’s overall drivability was comparable to that of the production S2000, but with a lot more torque!

By June 2010, the car was disassembled and headed to the crusher (as happens with many pre-production or non-VIN issued vehicles). Fortunately, HPD had plans to build another S3700 in the future.

In early 2013, a team at HPD was tasked with rebuilding a new S3700. This time, a 2009 S2000 chassis in Rio Yellow Pearl was utilized. The car currently makes its home at HPD, while awaiting future shows and events where it can be showcased.

Product Specs

Engine Type:
Longitudinal 60° V-6 production front engine



Engine Management:
Honda proprietary ECU

Greater capacity aftermarket radiator


91 octane

Overall Car Weight:
2825 lbs. (vs. production version: 2864 lbs.)

Front – 215/45 R17
Rear – 255/40 R17

Front and rear disc

2009 S2000CR (2009-Apex Blue) / 2009 S2000 (2013-Rio Yellow Pearl)

Drive Train:
Rear-wheel drive

Double wishbone front and rear, 4-wheel independent, front and rear stabilizer bar

Power-to-Weight Ratio:


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